Caring for Children

By Parents for Parents.

We got tired of looking for good child care...

It’s hard and it’s expensive. we're making an app like you've never seen.

We want to make it less hard and less expensive.

On average, this is how much Australians spend on childcare.




Per Week


Per Year

That is money that could have gone toward mortgage repayments, house renovations, holidays, living expenses or your children’s future education.

Australia’s childcare system is rife with problems and rising costs are just one of them. It can be difficult and frustrating to find convenient placements close to where you live, and with too great a demand, waiting lists can be long and openings too few to come by.

Disheartened by the process, you end up in childcare no man’s land where you are devoting all your time caring for the littles ones with barely any free time left for yourself.

Are you a frustrated and exhausted parent looking for real change? This is where KidNest can help—by providing you with safe, affordable, quality childminding, without the costs and challenges of traditional childcare.

To The App

What We're About


Affordable Alternative.

With a flat rate of $50 per month, KidNest is an affordable and convenient childminding solution. We are all about helping you make those savings. 

No deposits for enrolment. No waiting lists.

If It Takes A Village,

Find Your Own Village.

KidNest connects like-minded parents from the same neighbourhood, who agree to help look after each other’s children on a rotating cycle. By forming various ‘Nests’ in their own homes, parents are connecting and supporting each other, creating a reliable community roster system.

The old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is all about recognising parenting as a shared responsibility and that is what KidNest is all about.

Keep Your

Kids Safe

KidNest has an extensive safety screenings process that every family must go through when signing up. Each parent, family member or minder that will be involved in a Nest must have a:

  • Working with Children Check
  • Volunteer Police Check

KidNest will help facilitate these requirements.

Other safety features include:

  • A secure messaging system for each Nest
  • All houses will have insurance
  • An emergency response system in place
  • Geofencing technology that allows parents to track their children’s exact whereabouts

Your Nest,

Your Rules.

KidNest is accessible, convenient and flexible. All childminding occurs in the user’s neighbourhood, including outside standard hours and on weekends.

This App Is

Inspired By


Entrepreneur and single dad Tim Wise, is the founder and visionary of KidNest. After thinking about the concept for many years, seeing no real change in the childcare industry, meeting many parents who were struggling with high childcare costs and others eager to return back to work and further their careers, he decided to take a leap of faith and do something about it.

The lightbulb moment came to Tim during his early years as a parent when he noticed a lot of parents and bubs groups gathering at parks or coffee shops. He envisioned how practical it would be for parents to join together and help look after each other’s children for the day, creating various childminding Nests in the privacy of their own homes.

He realised that if one parent looked after the children for one day a week, it would free up the other parents to get back to work, study or just have some time to themselves. They could take turns doing this throughout the week and the rotating cycle would free up everybody’s schedules.

Tim transformed the idea into an easy-to-use app that brought his vision to life and many years later, KidNest was born.

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Let's get into detail.

Click on each question to find out more about how KidNest works.

How does the KidNest app work?

KidNest is a digital childminding introductory platform and the first app of its kind to market in Australia. It allows like-minded parents to connect and provide affordable and quality childminding for their children, without the costs and challenges of traditional childcare.

At KidNest we have thought of everything to do with the safety of your child—from the individuals who are able to sign up, to the houses where the children are cared for, every single component is checked and verified. KidNest recognises that our children’s safety and wellbeing is every parent’s main priority.

What is a Nest?

A Nest is formed when a group of like-minded parents from the same neighbourhood connect and agree to help look after each other’s children on a rotating cycle. You can create your own Nest or join an existing Nest. No money is exchanged, parents mind the children themselves, care is given in private homes, and there is a maximum of seven children allowed in each Nest. It’s like having a group of friends who all take turns looking after your child (bliss).

An ideal Nest has five families, which will require each parent to mind the Nest for one day and free up the other four days of the week for them to do whatever they want. With flexible scheduling and detailed Nest rules, there’s a Nest out there for every type of family.

What does a day in a Nest look like?

Each parent drops off their child at the designated Nest and goes about their day. In the Nest, the parent and children will spend the day following a set schedule, which includes participating in a range of fun and interactive activities developed by educational experts available through the app. 

If a parent wants help on the day, they can have their partners, parents, or even a nanny watch the children alongside them. Every extra minder has to complete a security check and get the approval from the rest of the Nest members before they can do any minding.

The educational modules are aligned to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and geared towards numerous areas of early learning. Minders can be as hands on or hands off as they need with activities catering to both ends of the scale.

How often will I have to watch a Nest?

It depends on your availability and how often your child or children require minding. If you belong to a Nest with five families, you are responsible to child mind for one day. That is just one of many possibilities—it is up to you to pick and choose which days suits you best.

Who else is allowed to watch the Nest?

The parents of the children in the Nest will be the primary minders on the days they have set in their availabilities.

If you are a primary minder and you want help on the day, you can have your partner, parent, or even a nanny help watch the children. Every extra minder has to complete a security check and get the approval from the rest of the Nest members before they can do any minding. The primary minder will still be the main point of contact on the day with any extra minders just there for support.

Children are always going to be with someone the parents know and who has been approved with a Working with Children Check and a Volunteer Police Check.

What happens if I can't watch the Nest for the day?

Life happens, and we can’t always predict how we will feel or what sort of things will come up. If it is your turn to mind the Nest and for whatever reason you are not able to participate, simply notify the other Nest members and try to find someone else to step in. Any other approved minder (meaning anyone who has undergone the Working with Children Check and Volunteer Police Check) in your Nest can take over for you.

What age does my child need to be?

KidNest accommodates children who are not old enough for pre-school. If your child is between 0 to 5 years old, they can be part of a Nest.

You have the freedom to choose a Nest where everyone else is younger, older or all around the same age. It all comes down to the decisions you and your Nest mates make.

How do I find the ideal Nest?

First you search your area or an area of your choice to see all the Nests that are available. You then go through the Nest profiles to see if they are a good match for you. 

You will have the chance to get to know the other parents before you agree to sharing a Nest with them. If you don’t think they are a good match for you and your family, there is no pressure to commit.

Couldn’t find a good match? You can always start your own Nest that caters specifically to your family’s needs—other like-minded families will come flocking.

How will KidNest ensure my child’s safety?

All parents using the app have to have a Working with Children Check and a Volunteer Police Check. Further security checks can also be requested by individual Nests.

Anyone who signs up to KidNest also agrees to implement safety standards in their homes and your child’s location is always trackable while they are at another Nest.

How will I keep track of my child when I am not with them?

You will always be able to know where your child is while they are at their designated Nest. KidNest will track where your minder is and notify everyone if the minder leaves the premises. You can check in at any time and get in touch with your Nest mates through messages and pictures.

Can KidNest accommodate for my child who has allergies and/or intolerances?

Allergies and intolerances must be recorded for every child participating in KidNest. This information will be flagged and addressed in every Nest. For example, if one child has a nut allergy, the whole Nest will be notified, and the group must take action to ensure the Nest is safe. You will also have the option of joining or creating pet-free or nut-free Nests.

As with any other day-care centres or schools, any medications that your child needs will be taken care of as long as you flag it with the rest of the Nest.