Flexible, affordable, local childminding.

If it takes a village, we’ll help you find yours.

Flexible, affordable, local childminding.

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Using the KidNest app, you can find or create Nests with other families in your area, and take turns caring for the kids in the Nest on a rostered basis.

We’re a subscription-based solution for creating local childminding ‘villages.’

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KidNest connects you with other parents to create affordable child-minding options – so you can work, study and play.

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The benefits of joining KidNest

KidNest is a new, easier way to look after your children - without spending your nest egg.
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At $100 a month for your first child, KidNest is a really affordable way to look after the kids. With every child you add to your KidNest account, it just gets cheaper.
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Is a 9-5 workday even a thing anymore? KidNest offers complete flexibility when it comes to looking after the kids.
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It’s a great way to meet like-minded people in your area and for your kids to make some new friends.
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Pre-approved minders

KidNest will ensure that all parents/guardians have completed the KidNest onboarding process, which includes all adults having a valid Working with Children Check.
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This is what we need in preparing children for school. The greater exposure that they can have to life and to the variety of people both little and big in our world, the better they will be.

Sue Higgins, Principal of St Kilda Primary School, Melbourne
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Some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Who is KidNest for?

KidNest is for every kind of family. For parents/guardians who need time to work, study and play. And for their kids — everyone from 6-month-olds to school aged children.

KidNest connects you with other ‘like-minders’ in your area to create ‘Nests’ of up to 5 kids, tailored to your unique childminding needs, parenting style and schedule.

How much does it cost?

KidNest costs $100/month for the first child you sign up. That’s it. For every child after that, it costs less.

This subscription gives you all of KidNest’s app features — for safely, securely managing your Nest and giving you the resources for minding your kids best. Most importantly, this cost includes liability insurance for you and all the Minders in your Nest.

When you compare this to the average daily cost of childcare in Australia — $65 – $175 — it makes sense you’d want an easier way to mind your kids and to save  money.

When you sign up for KidNest, you sign up for a 12 month subscription that’s payable monthly.

What kind of care will my kids receive?

Every child is unique, so each Nest will look a little different. After agreeing with other parents/guardians in your Nest on schedules and rosters, KidNest partner organisations support you with ideas around how to engage, educate and entertain your kids during the day.

Because you create the Nest as a team, you can shape it to suit your kids’ needs — from playtime and naps to meals and snacks, in home classes, even excursions and day trips. 

What kind of checks and balances are in places?

To ensure safety, KidNest helps to administer in-person meetings, mandatory WWC (including National Criminal checks) for parents/guardians/minders, Safety Checks for home care environments and secure encryption across our website and app. KidNest also allows you to report an incident or lodge complaints, if you ever feel that your child’s health, safety and well-being have been affected.

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