Getting energetic little ones to agree to bedtime can be harder than herding a dragon into the sea for a swim. Downright traumatic sometimes, with all parties ending up in tears. Well. There may be something to be done about that. A trick to getting any little sproutling to do anything is to incentivise the action. While it is advised not to fall into bribery always, a little fun before bed can be the difference between starting on the road to bedtime routine and outright chaos. Here are some exciting books to read before bed that could get your brood scampering into their sheets, pulling up the duvet and doing the happy bed wiggle in preparation for a good story.

  1. The Chronicles Of Narnia By C.S. Lewis

Narnia has it all. Sword fights and kings, talking animals and epic quests. Importantly children are the centre of the story and your little one will likely take to the protagonists and their plight instantly. Thankfully there are 7 books in total so this series can really keep you going while you attempt to establish 7:30pm AS THE OFFICIAL BEDTIME THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOODNIGHT! There are breathtaking races against time, hoards of villainous villains, strong female leads and twists that give you a good spin for your money. C.S. Lewis was an academic at Oxford University and his writing is not only engaging and entertaining but rich in lessons of courage, honour love and acceptance. Narnia is a truly great read.

  1. The Secret Seven and The Famous Five By Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton was born in England in 1897 and is the world’s 6th most sold author, and it’s no wonder why. Her books have inspired generations since she was first published in the 1930s. Both book series mentioned above involve a club of boys and girls that seem to always stumble upon a mystery. Through their plucky resolve, community and perseverance they uncover all sorts of dubious schemes and bring to justice those that would seek to do ill. While the language is quaint and from a previous era, the books are engrossing reads, full of humorous dialogue, whodunnit moments and opportunities to try and figure out the twist with the clues as they unfold.

  1. Anything By Roald Dahl

A man for all generations Roald Dahl had a life that has merited it’s own countless adaptations to book and screen. From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to George’s Marvelous Medicine, Dahl’s books are clever, witty and thought provoking. In creative and hilarious scenes he opens up discussions on greed, selfishness, responsibility and a whole host of elements that humanity can fall into. While many of his books are seen as children’s books they have so much to give every reader regardless of age, background or world view.

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