A note from Chris, Dad and KidNest investor

3 Jun 2021 •

A note from Chris, Dad and KidNest investor

It was fortuitous timing when I stumbled across the initial expression of interest for KidNest back in 2019. I had just been talking about possible business ideas with a fellow entrepreneur who stated that childcare, given its current state of disrepair was ripe for disruption as an industry. This entrepreneur also made mention to the fact that the business that took on this challenge would be rewarded both financially and socially.

Having a background in entrepreneurship and a child that was just new to the world of childcare I could instantly relate to what he was talking about and when KidNest happened to reveal itself through the Birchal platform I couldn’t believe my good luck!

The first 12 months of navigating both myself and our child through child-care was a nightmare to say the least! The exorbitant costs, the lack of flexibility, the lack of actual care and the ridiculous and overwhelming difficulty in attempting to decipher the Centrelink platform was enough for our family to blow a fuse!

KidNest offered a platform that solved all of these problems – it was extremely cost effective [saving up to $20,000 a year!], provided the flexibility that we were after and removed the worry of having to deal with Centrelink. As an added bonus we now got to introduce and assimilate our daughter into our local community.

I invested a substantial sum into KidNest not only because I believed that it should be an incredible investment but that it could accelerate the building of the platform so that we could use KidNest as soon as possible!

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A note from Chris, Dad and KidNest investor

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