How it works

What is KidNest, exactly?

It’s a new model that celebrates the old ways – a flexible, collaborative ‘village’ of connected parents helping each other care for their kids.

A subscription based solution

We’re a a subscription-based solution for creating local childminding ‘villages’. Using the KidNest app, families can find or create Nests with other like-minded families in their area, and take turns caring for the kids in the Nest on a rostered basis.

After pre-approval checks (e.g. Working With Children, Police Checks and Safety Checks in the home care environment), parents share the load of childminding between them, freeing up your time so that you can get back to work, study or play.

Step one

The sign-up

Visit our web app and sign up for a KidNest account — it’s quick and easy. Once you’ve done this, create your profile by adding in your details including your Working with Children Check (WWCC). No worries if you don’t have this yet — you can easily apply for one.

Step two

Add your kid/s

Add your kid/s and a few details about them. These details are encrypted, meaning they are hidden and secure. Once you find a Nest you like and meet the other parents, these people can see only your kid’s name/s and details they need to know for minding.

Step three

Find your Nest

You can now begin to start exploring Nests in your area. If you find one you like the sound of, send a request to join and organise a time to meet with the other people in the Nest. From here, it’s your decision — check out the home environment, get a feel for everyone, and go with your gut! And remember, if you can’t find a Nest that’s just right you can create your own.

Here’s a few of our most popular questions, answered.

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So this is pretty much daycare or babysitting, right?

Nope! KidNest is a great addition or alternative to your current childcare or daycare, but it’s designed differently. Forget long wait lists, massive costs and long commutes. We connect parents/guardians with other minders to create supportive, local child-minding villages.

It’s a team effort. Each Minder looks after the Nest’s kids — at your place, in your style and on the days that work for you. Together, you’ll share the load and create care that fits your families; getting you back to work, study or play on the other days.

What kind of care will my kids receive?

Every child is unique, so each Nest will look a little different. After agreeing with other parents/guardians in your Nest on schedules and rosters, KidNest partner organisations support you with ideas around how to engage, educate and entertain your kids during the day.

Because you create the Nest as a team, you can shape it to suit your kids’ needs — from playtime and naps to meals and snacks, in home classes, even excursions and day trips. 

What if my kids need special care?

When finding or creating a Nest, your profile and preferences  can help you connect with Nests that cater to your child(ren). All parents/guardians are informed of special considerations, needs or requirements your kids may have when you join. That way, they can tailor their care to suit.

Of course it’s up to you to talk with parents/guardians about any medications, timings, food allergies or tools they’ll need to care for your child.

How safe are Nests?

Your kids are your highest priority. So our priority  is to work with you to make sure the right processes are in place to ensure that your Nests are as safe as possible. 

KidNest will ensure that all parents/guardians have completed the KidNest onboarding process.

The KidNest Safety Check ensures that each parent/guardian in every Nest completes a home assessment  for all homes in their group — of which you’ll also inspect in person.

Before  creating or joining a Nest, every parent/guardian and minder must have a valid Working with Children Check (which includes a National Criminal Record Check). Plus, you’ll meet the other parents/ guardians in person — agreeing on each part of the Nest setup and listening to your all-important gut instinct — before approving anything. 

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