Beneath every calm mum facade there is actually a cunning and ruthless special agent. This life wasn’t chosen by us, it came out of necessity, it was borne out of adversity, it came out of a response. A response to an even greater operate of cunning and stealth, a child’s appetite and palate. Try sneaking in a bunch of broccoli while they are playing on the ipad, not on your nelly, a head whips up and from the mouth of babes comes, “nahh mum, broccoli is gross, can I just have cheese tonight?” Yes, just cheese, beautiful, indulgent, we can’t eat too much of, cheese. What’s a special agent to do? Get focussed, get brave and make like a Musk and innovate.

  1. Dunk and Dip

Sometimes the first step is the smallest but at least a step has been taken! Cut up carrots, capsicum, cucumber and any other vegetables that you want to introduce to your children. Partner these chopped vegetables with healthy dips like hummus, salsa or any low fat salad dressing, yogurt-based ones are best if you need that extra creamy edge. Having the veggies in chopped form allows for easy access, high tactility and dipping fun! Kids are naturally drawn to activities where they can lead with touch and explore. Through exposing your children to veggies with some yummy dips, the incentive is greater to eat up all the nutrients in those chopped delights. Chopped veggies are great for school lunches and after school snacks.

    2. Get Kids Cooking

Research some healthy recipes that you would like to try. Save a few to a folder on your computer. This way you can start accruing a few recipes that you can rely on in later weeks. Bring your children around the computer or even ask them to write out the recipe in their neatest handwriting to a menu book. Through involving your kids in the process of researching recipes and meals, excitement and anticipation can build for the process of cooking and eating. A tip is to make sure you highlight the pictures on the menus to tantalise their taste buds. Ask them to be in charge of retrieving certain ingredients from the supermarket and assign each child a chopping and preparation roll. Through being involved children and humans in general form a bond with the activity and final outcome. A great help when it comes to fuss free healthy eating!

    3. Allow Treats

Going too far in the effort to instil healthy habits in your family can have a backlash. By making anything remotely unhealthy completely off limits, many junk foods can start to have an almost god-like glow. Shaping the conversation around ‘always’ and ‘sometimes’ food can be a great start to children having a good relationship with food. ‘Sometimes’ food like sugary cereal, fizzy drinks and lollies can be for rewards, weekends of special events. McDonalds can be a sometimes, eating high-fibre cereal in the mornings an always.

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