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We started KidNest with a mission to empower parents and to help them secure their financial futures, by giving them alternatives to traditional childcare services.

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There are currently 1.85 million children under the age of 5 in Australia, with an average cost of $65-$175 to send a kid to childcare — per day.

KidNest connects parents to create safe, affordable, local childminding villages that work for them, freeing them up to get back to work, study or play. And it’s not just an alternative to traditional childcare – it’s flexible enough to work with and around the existing childcare parents already have.

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A Scalable Product

We will grow, community by community, starting with word of mouth campaigns as we test and adjust. Then go to scale up to local government areas that are ‘Covid Normal’- nationally and then globally.

According to Market Economist, Steven Koukoulas…
“In simple terms KidNest is a great idea looking to solve a number of problems for parents of young children that will also have a positive impact on the economy”.

And that’s not all.  Along with getting parents back to work while their children are cared for by community families, KidNest encourages financial and social inclusion for those families. This is more than just an investment you’ll be making, you just might help to KidStart the economy.

A Passionate Team

The KidNest cohort, which includes a team of board members, stakeholders and suppliers, has been assembled from a collection of some of Australia’s most reputable practitioners in business, strategic planning, design and children’s health and well-being.  So in regards to the development of this business, you’re in trusted hands.

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