When my son Zac was younger, it was an enormous struggle to find childcare for him. The costs were prohibitively high and there were very few places available where we were living. Competition for limited spaces was intense and because of this Zac didn’t get to go to childcare on a full time basis. Fortunately, we were incredibly lucky that my partner’s parents could look after Zac on a regular basis: allowing both my partner and I to return to work, further our careers and provide a much needed dual income. We were lucky.

The issues that we faced constantly played on my mind, and everyone I spoke to had similar stories It became pretty obvious to me overtime that I wasn’t the only one going through this – there were so many mums and bubs groups gathering at parks and cafes around Sydney and helping to look after each other’s children. Seeing the struggles of others and going through it myself, I thought about all the money and time that could be saved if there was a simple solution out there that involved parents working together to help each other out.

This is when the idea for KidNest started to form. I thought about how much easier it would be if parents could look after each other’s children on a rotating cycle – allowing each other to go back to work, to study, or to just spend some time on their own.

For 6 years I kept thinking about this concept and in that time I saw no change in the childcare industry – aside from it getting more and more expensive and more difficult to gain a place. I did lots of research in to the sharing economy and followed the rise of Uber and AirBNB. The mindset of people was changing.

I met countless parents during my research who were struggling with the costs of childcare and wanted to get back to work but couldn’t – ironically, because they couldn’t afford to send their kids to childcare. I wanted to change this and make a huge difference for young families.

When I set my mind to do things I do it with all my passion and energy. Zac’s 10 now and as a co-parent I get to spend every other week with him. If KidNest was around when he was younger, we would have saved a lot of time, stress and money. Now that he’s a bit older I’ve had time to develop the KidNest platform. I needed start up funds and being 100% committed to my idea I re-mortgaged my home, then got the right team of people on board and here we are ready to launch.

I passionately believe young Australian parents are in desperate need of alternatives and deserve better. KidNest provides a simple solution to a complex problem. I truly believe that KidNest will help so many families in so many different ways.

I’ve built the most incredible team behind KidNest and would love to have the backing of like minded people that can see the bigger picture and solution of what we are wanting to achieve for young Australian Families.

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