KidNest St Kilda Pilot Program

Starting soon
So parents in St Kilda can work, study, play

Are you a parent or primary caregiver of a child aged between 0-5 living in St Kilda?

Are you frustrated with the current childcare options and looking for a cheaper and more flexible solution that will better fit your needs?

Can’t find the time to work, study or play?

If so, then we would like to invite you to the KidNest St Kilda Pilot Program.

Fixing St Kilda’s Childcare Shortage

“Our community needs Kidnest now. Let’s get started!”

Sue Higgins

Principal, St Kilda Primary School

Let’s Get Into The St Kilda Pilot Program Details

Click on each question to find out more about how the KidNest St Kilda Pilot Program will work..

What is KidNest?

KidNest is an online childminding introductory platform and the first app of its kind to market in Australia. It allows like-minded parents to connect and share childminding for their children, without the costs and challenges of traditional childcare.

At KidNest we have thought of everything to do with the safety of your child –from the individuals who are able to sign up, to the houses where the children are cared for, every single component is checked and verified. KidNest recognises that our children’s safety and wellbeing is every parent’s main priority.

What is a Nest?

A Nest is formed when a group of like-minded parents from the same neighbourhood connect and agree to help look after each other’s children on a rotating cycle. You can create your own Nest or join an existing Nest. No money is exchanged, parents mind the children themselves, care is given in private homes, and there is a maximum of seven children allowed in each Nest. It’s like having a group of friends who all take turns looking after your child (bliss).

An ideal Nest has five families, which will require each parent to mind the Nest for one day and free up the other four days of the week for them to do whatever they want. With flexible scheduling and detailed Nest rules, there’s a Nest out there for every type of family.

What does a day in a Nest look like?

Each parent drops off their child at the designated Nest and goes about their day. In the Nest, the parent and children will spend the day following a set schedule, which includes participating in a range of fun and interactive activities developed by educational experts available through the app. 

If a parent wants help on the day, they can have their partners, parents, or even a nanny watch the children alongside them. Every extra minder has to complete a security check and get the approval from the rest of the Nest members before they can do any minding.

The educational modules are aligned to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and geared towards numerous areas of early learning. Minders can be as hands on or hands off as they need with activities catering to both ends of the scale.

When with the KidNest St Kilda Pilot Start?

KidNest will launch in St Kilda in September 2019. If you miss the start, that’s fine as you can join at any time.

How much will it cost?

The KidNest subscription will be free for 12 months for all St Kilda Pilot Program families.

Imagine not having to pay anything for childcare…

A yearly subscription to KidNest would normally cost $1200. Even at $100 per month, it’s less than one day of childcare, but you get to access it for free!

If I request to join, can I decide later that I don't want to be involved?

You sure can. The request to join is just to see if we have enough local interest, it doesn’t commit you to anything. Once you have requested to join we will send you more information and answer any questions you might have.