Why join?

It takes a village. Not 1.5 full-time salaries.

Flexible, affordable, local childminding.

Finally, you can have all three! KidNest is a new, easier way to look after your children - without spending your nest egg.

Benefits of joining KidNest

It's affordable

At $100 a month for your first child, KidNest is a really affordable way to look after the kids. With every child you add to your KidNest account, it just gets cheaper.

Flexible times

Is a 9-5 workday even a thing anymore? It can be hard to find care that works with the hours you need. How and when your Nests run are completely up to you and the other parents you become connected to. It’s as flexible as you want it to be. Your village, your way. 

Socialise with your community.

It’s a great way to meet like-minded people in your area, and for your kids to make some new friends. The smartest way to care for kids is connecting parents with their community. KidNest just joins the dots.

All Nest adults pre-approved

KidNest will ensure that all parents/guardians have completed the KidNest onboarding process. This includes all adults involved having a valid Working with Children Check (which includes a National Criminal Check), as well as a safety check to ensure that each parent/guardian in each Nest completes a home assessment for every home in their group.

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This is what we need in preparing children for school. The greater exposure that they can have to life and to the variety of people both little and big in ourworld, the better they will be.

Sue Higgins, Principal of St Kilda Primary School, Melbourne
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